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FHA Section 203(k) "Streamlined (K)" Limited Repair Program by On Q Financial
Lender: FHA Section 203(k) "Streamlined (K)" Limited Repair Program by On Q Financial
Product Description
The Federal Housing Administration's (FHA's) Streamlined 203(K) program helps homeowners finance up to an additional $35,000 to repair, improve or upgrade their home as part of an FHA-insured home purchase or refinance mortgage. Upgrades can include energy upgrades and renovations that do not require structural engineering. The actual mortgage loan is provided through an FHA-approved lender, such as On Q Financial, and the FHA provides mortgage insurance to reduce the risk of the additional project cost to the lender. A Streamlined K may be paired with an Energy Efficient Mortgage in some cases in order to get additional funding for improvements. As with any typical mortgage, the Streamlined K can be structured in many different ways that may include closing costs, fees or points.
Miscellaneous Information
Interest rates are fixed.

One time fees may include a 1.75% mortgage insurance fee among others. Ongoing fees may include a .85% monthly FHA mortgage insurance fee. Check with the lender for details.
Verified by Lender on: 2/24/2016
The data provided is for informational purposes only. For actual loan terms specific to borrowers, contact the lender directly.
Property Types
Financing Type
Financing & Payment Information
Rate (APR):
Market Rate
Term (years):
30 years
Minimum Amount:
Maximum Amount:
One-time fees
Down Pmt. Required:
Re-pmt. Method:
Off-bill loan (Direct to Lender)
Pmt Frequency:
Pre-pmt Penalty:
Allowable Projects
Funds Energy Efficiency projects
Funds Water Efficiency projects
Funds Demand Response projects
Funds other energy projects
Efficient appliances, other energy projects that do not have structural engineering requirements may be financed.
Funds other energy-related projects
Lead-based paint stabilization, repair/ replacement of plumbing and electrical systems, and other projects that do not have str
Funds other non-energy projects
Any other approved renovation project that does not require structural engineering may be financed.
Other Program Requirements
Financing Approval Time
Immediate- Preliminary
Equity in Property Needed