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Green Hayward PAYS
Lender: Green Hayward PAYS
Product Description
Green Hayward PAYS® is a program offered by the City of Hayward. It allows Hayward multi-family housing owners to make eligible water and energy saving upgrades to their business with no up-front cost and immediate savings on the property's utility (water and energy) bills. Property owners pay for upgrade measures through a bi-monthly surcharge included in the property's water bill.
Miscellaneous Information
Bottom Line Utility Solutions is the recommended program contractor for the City of Hayward. Other contractors may also be considered.

If the owner sells the property and completes the disclosure requirement, the next water customer at that address will take over paying the surcharge while also enjoying the utility bill savings of the installed measures at that location. If a measure fails and is not repaired, the payment obligation ends.
Verified by Lender on: 11/4/2015
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Property Types
Bay Area Regional Energy Network
Financing Type
Financing & Payment Information
Rate (APR):
Market Rate
Term (years):
10 years
Minimum Amount:
$1 +
Maximum Amount:
One-time fees
Down Pmt. Required:
Re-pmt. Method:
On-bill financing
Pmt Frequency:
Pre-pmt Penalty:
Allowable Projects
Funds Energy Efficiency projects
Funds Water Efficiency projects
Funds Demand Response projects
Funds other energy projects
Landscape measures and high efficiency lighting projects may be financed.
Other Program Requirements
Must be program-approved
Financing Approval Time
More than 48 hours
Equity in Property Needed