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METRO's Solar Loan Program
Lender: METRO's Solar Loan Program
Product Description
Metro's Solar Loan Program offer low-interest loans for qualifying homeowners to finance solar projects on their property with no money down. The loan is offered by San Diego Metropolitan Community Credit Union.
Miscellaneous Information
A 3% one-time fee is charged to the contractor at the close of the loan.
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The data provided is for informational purposes only. For actual loan terms specific to borrowers, contact the lender directly.
Property Types
Financing Type
Financing & Payment Information
Rate (APR):
4.99% - 7.99%
Term (years):
12, 15, 20 years
Minimum Amount:
Maximum Amount:
One-time fees
Down Pmt. Required:
Re-pmt. Method:
Off-bill loan (Direct to Lender)
Pmt Frequency:
Pre-pmt Penalty:
Allowable Projects
Funds Water Efficiency projects
Funds Renewable Energy projects
Other Program Requirements
Must be program-approved
Financing Approval Time
Immediate- Preliminary
Equity in Property Needed

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Lender: San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union