Frequently Asked Questions

We know financing can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be! This section contains answers to the most commonly asked questions, without the jargon or the fine-print.

What is Go Green Financing?
Go Green Financing is a California State-sponsored website that was created to help consumers find the best financing options available for their energy projects. It allows borrowers to browse a continuously updated database of financing solutions for single family residential, multifamily, small business, local government, and other non-residential properties in California.
Does Go Green Financing provide loans?
Go Green Financing does not provide actual loans; it is a marketplace that promotes and educates consumers on available energy financing options and how to choose one financing product over another based on their own priorities and needs.
What tools are available on Go Green Financing?
Go Green Financing provides 3 ways to find financing:
  • Browse all finance products and lenders using the Find Financing tool. Through this tool, you can compare products, research financial institutions, contact lenders, and apply for financing.
  • Use the Financing Concierge to narrow down options based on criteria that is important to you.
  • Learn how to differentiate between financing product types through the Financing Education tab.
Who is Go Green Financing for?
The Go Green Financing website is for residential and non-residential consumers who want to become aware of and educated on the opportunities they have to pay for energy projects in California. There are many financing options available to consumers today. The Go Green Financing website is designed to be a one-stop-shop for property owners, renters, property management companies and contractors to evaluate different financing options for their projects, to follow up with lenders for more information or to apply for financing with a chosen lender.
What is the Find Financing tool?
Go Green Financing's Find Financing tool allows prospective customers to browse all available products in the ever-growing statewide database. It allows users to explore and compare different categories of financing products and contact lenders directly for more information. Each product in the finder has its own profile page so that users can learn about the lending institution, identify the basic terms or ranges of terms that a specific product offers and apply through that institution.
What is the Financing Concierge tool?
Go Green Financing's Financing Concierge uses decision-making software to help customers narrow down financing options according to their preferences, project requirements and credit profile. This is accomplished through a series of questions. After completing the questions, the Financing Concierge produces a report that ranks available financing products according to those that most closely matches the customer's requirements.
What is available in the Financing Education section?
Go Green Financing's Financing Education resources provide additional information about financing through either short videos, downloadable fact sheets, or helpful weblinks. A Loan Payment calculator is also available.
What is the State of California Sponsoring?
In 2015, the state of California engaged in a private-public partnership among state agencies and Investory-Owned Utilities (IOUs) to engage lenders, contractors and borrowers in helping California achieve its energy savings goals by increasing availability of lower-cost financing for energy efficiency investments throughout the state.

This private-public partnership has two major components:

  • The CHEEF Program pilots
  • Statewide Financing Marketing, Education and Outreach (See relevant sections below for more information)
What is CHEEF?
The California Hub for Energy Efficiency Financing (CHEEF) was established by the State of California to create attractive financing options for homes and businesses so that more projects with deeper energy savings can be completed. TheCHEEF administers several financing pilot programs across multiple market sectors including residential, small business and other nonresidential. CHEEF's Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program is the first of the pilot programs to launch.
How does Go Green Financing differ from the CHEEF (California Hub for Energy Efficiency Financing)?
The CHEEF is the administrator for the statewide financing pilot programs administered by the state of California in partnership with the four investor-owned utility companies (Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Gas Company, and San Diego Gas & Electric). The CHEEF has successfully launched the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program in July 2016, and it plans to design and launch additional programs to help the multifamily and non-residential market sectors. More information can be found in the CHEEF section of the Find Financing tool on this website or by visiting

Go Green Financing, on the other hand, is designed to be an unbiased resource for Californians to search for the financing solution that best fits their needs and budgets. Go Green Financing strives to include all energy project financing options on its website, regardless of which institution or lender is offering the financing product. The CHEEF financing pilots are some of the options available. If you are a lender or know of additional financing options that should be listed, contact us using the link on the bottom of the page.

Go Green Financing helps promote the CHEEF financial programs in conjunction with other products and programs available for the public benefit.