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See how Californians are joining the State of Saving

Unsecured vs. Secured Financing: What is the difference?

Meet Carmen and Victor as they prepare to upgrade the energy performance of their home. How will they pay for these improvements?

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Introducing the CHEEF/REEL

Carmen and Victor explore residential financing available through the state of California and realize that adding insulation will make their cash flow work out better.

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Solar Financing

Carmen and Victor go back to Go Green Financing now that their home energy improvements are completed to research a cost-effective way to install solar panels.

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Case Studies

Local Government Case Study

See how the City of Chula Vista has realized that financing energy efficiency upgrades help their residents pay for home improvements.

Chula Vista

Contractor Case Study

See how this Approved REEL Contractor has realized how the REEL program has helped their customers pay for home energy improvements.

Coming Soon

REEL Participating Lender Case Study

See how this lender has made a significant impact with their customer base through enrolling loans in the CHEEF REEL program

California Coast Credit Union

Desert Valleys Federal Credit Union

Resource Documents

These printable resources have been designed to help California property owners learn more about their financing options and the ones available through Go Green Financing.

  • Payment & Savings Calculator
    Payment & Savings Calculator

    Estimate your energy bill savings based on your current energy costs and expected energy savings.

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  • Zero Net Energy
    Zero Net Energy

    Strive to take your property to ZNE by producing as much energy as consumed.

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  • Secured vs Unsecured Loans
    Secured vs Unsecured Loans

    Compare traditional secured and unsecured loans.

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  • Solar Financing
    Solar Financing

    Learn about financing a solar project for your home or business.

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  • Financing Product Matrix
    Financing Product Matrix

    Compare financing products side by side.

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